Director's Message

"I feel very proud working with Agriculture sector, the backbone of Indian economy. Every time I work with the farmers, it reminds me a beautiful song "mere desh ki dharti sona ugale" dedicated to our mother land."

Agriculture in India has a very significant role and farmers put all the efforts for its growth. We, at Krushi Disha share our knowledge and experience with farmers to get maximum output of their efforts.
We understand that our farmers face many problems at micro & macro level like, Loan, Subsidies, irrigation, climate control etc. So full fill this gap we assist them so that they can stand strong with other sectors.

We support then by providing assistance in:

  • Soil (Mineral & Microbes) & Water Testing 
  • subsidy application
  • Loan from Bank of your choice
  • Erection of Greenhouse structure
  • Irrigation + Climate Control Unit     
  • Bed Preparation
  • Plants & Plantations
  • Provide regular technical inputs & Training to your manpower
  • Assist in marketing of the final produce
  • Regular updating of new changes &  product innovations

I wish India should remain the land of Agriculture and our farmers should get proper assistance.

Kamal Joshi - Director

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