Regular updation of new changes & product innovations :

we make our farmer aware of new technologies & innovations which are being used in agriculture. We suggest them for new high yield seeds and other products which can be helpful for them.

Assist in Soil (Mineral & Microbes) & Water Testing :

We provide assistance in testing soil and water using various tools & methods. We have own lab and a pool of experienced and skilled lab technicians to provide accurate suggestions. We assist in :

  • Soil fertility test
  • Environmental soil test
  • Particle size & sand sieve test, etc.

Assist in subsidy application :

Government of India provides subsidies in agriculture sector. We understand that for farmers it is very difficult to apply for the same. So we help them to get the required subsidies. Our consultants sit with the farmers and discuss about the subsidies and provide them proper guidance for the same.

Loan from Bank of your choice :

Keeping the loan requirements of farmers many schemes has been put into the function by the government. Farmers can take short terms loans. We assist then to get the loan from their desired banks. We have strong tie-ups with more than 25 nationalized and private banks. Our financial consultants give a number of choices to the farmers as per the requirement of farmers.

Erection of Greenhouse structure :

We have experienced technicians and skilled labor. Our technicians guide labor at every step so that we can provide flawless green house system to our clients.

Drip irrigation & fogging system :

Bed Preparation :

Bed preparation is very important part of green house. We use high quality fertilizer while preparing the bed. It helps to keep insect away

Plants & Plantation :

we grow plant in our nursery under the supervision of experienced persons in the similar field. We provide best quality ready plants to be used for green house

Provide regular technical inputs & Training to your manpower :

We have a pool of educated graduates from agricultural field. They provide regular trainings to farmer for better out-put. We provide scientific agronomy service to farmers.

Assist in marketing of the final produce :

We have tie-ups with retail chains, direct markets, APMC etc. and we assist farmers to get best price for their crops